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BIMBLE            •            ART DIRECTION            •           BIMBLE            •            ART DIRECTION            •           BIMBLE            •            ART DIRECTION            •           BIMBLE            •            ART DIRECTION            •                  

Bimble is the perfect drink for those seeking a beverage that not only tastes great, but also helps promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Our proprietary blend of full-range cannabinoids provides a unique calming effect that sets Bimble apart from other sparkling drinks. Whether you're looking to reduce anxiety or simply unwind after a long day, Bimble has you covered. With a range of next-level flavors and a non-intoxicating formula, you can enjoy Bimble anytime, anywhere and get more out of your day. With a non-intoxicating, anxiety reducing drink, get more out of your day: Bimble sparkling drink.

My Contribution:
Art Direction, Styling, Social Media, Website
Karsen Jones:
Art Direction, Collage, Packaging, Website
Melissa Guevara:
Art Direction, Collage, Photography, Website
Miriam Listiak:
Art Direction, Copy, Packaging, Website
Ymari Mccarty:
Art Direction, Styling, Collage, Social Media

MOTHERLAND            •            BRANDING            •           MOTHERLAND            •            BRANDING            •           MOTHERLAND            •            BRANDING            •           MOTHERLAND            •            BRANDING            •           

Rooted in the birthplace of reggaeton, Puerto Rico, Motherland is a vibrant festival celebrating the rich culture and infectious beats of this genre. It’s an unforgettable experience, featuring a lineup of renowned reggaeton artists such as Tego Calderón, Alvaro Diaz, and Becky G, among others. Our passion for music and culture is at the heart of everything we do, and we welcome adults of all ages (with a focus on Gen Z and Millennials) who are eager to immerse themselves in the world of reggaeton, from timeless classics to the latest hits.

  BAD DAY            •            UI/BRANDING            •             BAD DAY            •            UI/BRANDING            •             BAD DAY            •            UI/BRANDING            •             BAD DAY            •            UI/BRANDING            •           

At BAD DAY, we understand that hangovers can be tough. That's why we created a delivery app designed to make the experience a little easier. Our app, available to late Gen Z and Millennial customers aged 21 and over, will offer a range of hangover necessities that can be customized to include your favorite at-home remedies. Our goal is to promote safe drinking practices and a speedy recovery, so you can get back to feeling your best as soon as possible. Whether you're in need of electrolyte drinks, pain relievers, or a comforting snack, BAD DAY has you covered. 

My Contribution: Design Research, UI Design for User app, Copywriting, Brand Identity, Packaging, Infographic
Isa Armstrong:  Design Research, UX/UI Design for Driver + User app, Copywriting, Infographic
Karsen Jones: Design Research, UX/UI Design for User app, Copywriting, Infographic

CITY POPS            •            BRANDING            •           CITY POPS            •            BRANDING            •           CITY POPS            •            BRANDING            •           CITY POPS            •            BRANDING            •   

Our goal is to create a compelling branding system that captures the immersive experience offered by City Pops. Located in Austin, TX, City Pops welcomes a diverse group of customers seeking to indulge in creative and one-of-a-kind ice cream pops while enjoying the unique ambiance and Instagram-worthy sets. With a focus on delighting its customers, City Pops has become a popular tourist destination that appeals to young audiences. Our branding system will embody the playful and exciting spirit o

American Advertising Awards 2023: City Pops - Gold
Graphis New Talent Awards 2023: City Pops - Silver

PNK BOX            •           UI/BRANDING            •           PNK BOX            •           UI/BRANDING            •           PNK BOX            •           UI/BRANDING            •           PNK BOX            •           UI/BRANDING            •           

PNK Box is a unique gynecological service provider that offers inclusive and compassionate care to young women and LGBTQ+ members across Texas. Our women and LGBTQ+ operated facility fosters a safe and welcoming space for all "box-havers" to receive free services. Our Pop Up service provides free services to those in need, while our website serves as a platform for patients and allies to make appointments, volunteer, or purchase from our shop, which funds the program. Additionally, our PNK Box Kiosk allows patients to conveniently check in to their appointments and even schedule same-day appointments at our facility. At PNK Box, we strive to provide accessible, high-quality gynecological care in a supportive and inclusive environment.

My Contribution:
UX/UI, Branding, Research
Jessica Webb:
UX/UI, Branding, Research
Ymari Mccarty:
UX/UI, Branding, Research